The client from heaven!

 I was delighted with an e mail I received yesterday from a thoughtful lady who has really grasped what gardening is all about. Not an imposition of will over a difficult site but an understanding of how to encourage her garden to give of its best.

Dear Cheryl

Your visit was extraordinarily useful and has equipped me in a way that I wouldn't have thought possible in one session.  I think it was because you dealt in principles - natures, shapes, colours etc. it somehow felt integrated and that was what I was after, a garden that makes sense. 

It's been a fascinating process, it's like the garden has impressed itself upon me as much as the other way around.  Plants that I thought I wanted just wouldn't settle in my mind and it's been sort of give and take with me and the garden coming to an accommodation.  It sounds daft but that's the way it is.  Anyway, I'm nearly there now and have placed some orders today but with still the majority to purchase.  I think it will be lovely one day and we are both looking forward to seeing it grow.

Thank you once again for your assistance and guidance

With warm wishes

from Jane