New house - new garden

Well I hardly dare put pen to paper - or finger to keyboard - for the risk of putting the mockers on a not yet secure purchase, but after six months in the desperately bleak wilderness of renting we've found a new house and most importantly a new garden. Hooray! The house is actually a bungalow, not chosen I hasten to add because of advancing years and decrepitude, but because it just felt right. It's been renovated with care and attention to detail, it has a lovely view and that rarity, a garden with a soul. Because it's not been tended for a couple of years, there's been no restraining hand preventing self seeding of promiscuous little plants like hellebores and granny's bonnets which have romped around and made themselves at home all over the place. Spreading into patches which have forgotten whether they're meant to be border or lawn these ornamental opportunists and 'weeds' like fox and cubs and self heal have inspired me to hope that there might be a chance of a reasonable little meadow instead of a lawn and the current owners are so obliging that they've agreed to abandon having the man with the mower come in and actual let the grass grow for me to better see what might be there. What nice people! For now there are no photos but if all goes according to plan and the move goes ahead (my fingers and toes are crossed so that should help) within a month or so there will be. Any moment I can steal from working hours will be spent examining the minutiae of every seedling or beginning the clearing of a large and very brambly vegetable patch. Whatever it is I might be doing in my new garden one's thing's for sure - it will be sheer bliss!