It's been an interesting week...

Well that was very different!
I've just designed a garden for people with whom I've had no contact and a site I couldn't see which any designer will tell you is a near impossibility.
But that, I've discovered, is TV for you and this was for a very good cause. To give a young family a very well deserved helping hand and a new start in life by renovating their home and more importantly from my point of view, their garden.
I've been working as a volunteer with the BBC's DIY SOS programme and it's been a roller coaster of a ride.
Within minutes of arriving on site it was absolutely full of people, all volunteers like me giving up their time willingly to get their own small part a very big job done in a ridiculously short time.
Don't ever think that programmes like that are not what they purport to be, there are no extra teams coming in or weeks taken over the build, it really is all done in just nine days by the kindness, long hours and hard work of the local community and the core DIY SOS team who keep the wheels oiled and men and women well fed and watered.
Well done Monmouth's volunteers and thank you Nick Knowles and the team for asking us to be part of the project. When the programme's been aired pictures will follow so watch this space....