Country gardens

Living in the countryside often comes with the pleasure of a larger than average garden and the space to grow our own fruit and vegetables, where the children and the chickens can range freely and where we have the opportunity to plant trees too large to be accommodated in a small urban garden.

Here the associations between the house, garden and surrounding landscape become important elements in the design.  

A path might sweep through curvaceous borders seemingly towards a distant church spire with the view of undulating hills echoed in shape by the form of large shrubs either side.

Native trees, hedgerow species and a wild flower lawn integrated into the garden might form a living link to an agricultural setting together with local stone walls or simple post and rail fencing.

Water in the garden can be a joy, a stream running through, a low lying damp area or even an overgrown ditch can be turned into a spectacular water garden enhanced by wonderful wetland planting. Colourful, dramatic, ever changing and a magnet for wildlife.

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