Every living creature needs shelter, food, water and a place to call home. Our gardens can provide so much to benefit our native wildlife which over recent years has become threatened and even endangered by habitat loss, pesticide use and persecution.

Designing our gardens with wildlife in mind to enhance existing habitats and create new ones, will repay even modest efforts with beauty and bird song for us to enjoy, our children to learn from and to help conserve animals in crisis from hedgehogs to honey bees.   

The birds' morning chorus drifting through an open window is the gentlest alarm clock and all we need to provide are the shrubs and trees for them to sing from.

The drowsy hum of bumble bees on a warm summer Sunday's afternoon is the perfect accompaniment to relaxation, they are busy searching for nectar and pollen from their preferred flowers.

Butterflies are every child's favourite, luckily most like nectar from the common easily grown flowers of plants like Buddleja but their caterpillars are much more picky, so the wider the variety of plants we grow and the more natives, then the more of these beautiful insects we will see.