The inspiration to make changes to  our own gardens can come from anywhere. From practical necessity as our homes and families change and grow, from other people's gardens, the natural landscape, the buildings around us or the patterns, colours and textures we find in the natural and man made world.

The opportunities available to us are endless so we need to refine them to suit our own needs, tastes and budgets. Collecting photos is a great way to start, a scrapbook, mood board or in a file on line, anywhere we can gather all these external influences together so that they can be refined, thought through and the essence of what we would really like and our own uniquely personal style distilled to create a meaningful pallet of hard landscaping materials, plants, ornamental features and essentials.  

The really tricky part is putting these ideas together, relating them to our own garden spaces and in turn integrating our garden and home into our surroundings and this is where the experience and knowledge of a professional garden designer comes into its own.



For examples of my work please see portfolio