Town gardens

Living in a town, city, or within a popular residential development can offer convenience and the security of neighbours and with an easily managed garden we can enjoy company and entertain friends and family or simply relax in seclusion.

With other homes around us there's often a desire to screen our garden from view and create an inward looking garden, 
a personal oasis where the style relates strongly to the interior of the home or to our own individual tastes.

The terrace or patio can drift outside seamlessly, using the same material as indoors, timber, natural stone or ceramic tiles can all be used with great effect to help create the 'room outside'. The planting may be minimal but chosen with care can make a real impact with little in the way of maintenance.  

Attention to detail is essential in a smaller space where every centimetre counts and where every plant needs to work hard to earn its place in our chosen scheme.

Wildlife can still find a home wherever we garden, no matter how small or urban the location. Planting for pollinators, providing water, shelter and food for birds can all enrich our enjoyment for the garden.