The natural processes of seasonal change, leaf fall and decay, spring and renewal are the constant beating heart of any garden and its inhabitants which depend on these processes. From the microscopic soil organisms we don't see, to the insects, birds, mammals and amphibians we do, they all form essential parts of its web of life, but will only thrive if the conditions are right.
When we get it wonderfully right our gardens become richly and joyfully alive, when we get it wrong they are silent and soulless.

Designing gardens that are in tune with nature and the needs of wildlife is my particular interest.  Our gardens can be wonderful wildlife habitats, as part of larger ecosystems they store carbon and water, give off oxygen and refresh the air we breathe. They are shared by the animals and birds we love to see, a few we'd rather not and countless creatures we will never even notice but which are essential to its health and well being.

Good for the body and good for the soul, with opportunities for fresh air and exercise, growing our own fruit and vegetables without using damaging pesticides, or simply relaxing and enjoying the restorative power of the natural world, what more could we ask of our gardens.


For examples of my work please see my portfolio.