Back to winter - briefly I hope.

Well here we are again, winter's back with blast. No chance of any playing in the garden and the seedlings in my greenhouse are well and truly done for, last week's clients might as well have been in Siberia for all the chance I had to get to see them but there is a silver lining behind all those snowy storm clouds. 

My daughter wants me to draw up her new garden so that's tomorrow taken care of and besides having some time to do things I'm always putting off, I think it's good to pause occasionally, maybe even take time to just sit and gaze out of the window, however aimlessly there will be something to see. There are more birds in the garden than usual, very hungry for food and a few surprise visits from a field fare which was lovely to see, the poor frogs which made it to the pond before it froze over are a worry but that's nature for you, swings, roundabouts and beauty in the unexpected.


Well that was yesterday, the thaw started overnight and heavy rain this morning opened up big patches of green sprinkled with the blue of crocuses and as the sun came out they opened right out revealing pollen filled golden stamens. The Hellebore flowers relieved of their heavy blanket are standing tall again and from my hives, only yesterday cleared of enveloping drifts, stream dozens of bees. No waiting for spring in my garden, it's all systems go again here!